The Best Dark Roast K-Cups (2020 Reviews)

If you’re looking for the best dark roast K-cups, then I think you already know that coffee beans have to roast for the longest time to enter the dark roast territory. This is very important to impart the deliciously deeper and more robust flavor.

I think you might also know that the greater part of popular European brews belongs to the dark roast category, including espresso of course. But there’s no denying that all the different dark roast varieties make the selection process confusing even for dark roast addicts.

That said, you might want to check out my list of the top-selling, most delicious dark roast K-cups available on Amazon.

1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Double Diamond

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Double Diamond

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters brings nothing but richer, sustainably sourced coffee into the market. And their dark roast is certainly a very toasty and robust blend. It’s the perfect choice for caffeine lovers daring enough to mess with danger.

The coffee is made using 100-percent Arabica beans. Every K-cup contains the freshest version of ground coffee that is Kosher-certified. It might just end up being the strongest dark roast you’ve ever tasted.

You can prepare the K-cup on the largest size on your Keurig machine. Even then, your coffee comes out seriously strong. So let’s just hope Green Mountain Coffee Roasters doesn’t decide to reduce the amount of ground coffee in their coffee pods.


  • Extra bold dark roast with an intense, toasty flavor.
  • Dark with no bite at the end.


  • List Item #2

2. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast

Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend

This dark roast blend is named after Key Dickason, the retired army officer who introduced the idea to Alfred Peet. So you and I have him to thank for the deeply roasted and flavorful blend under the spotlight here.

The coffee, needless to say, is complex, smooth, and rich with an incredibly full-bodied, multi-layered character. And it’s packed inside convenient-to-use, single-serve K-cups. All you have to do is brew them for activating all the dark roast deliciousness.

The current blend is not like coffee that, when brewing, smells heavenly but then tastes burnt or bland. No doubt, every Peet’s coffee creation tastes as good as it smells during brewing.


  • The dark roast blend is full-bodied, rich, and complex.
  • Finest, highest quality coffee beans used.


  • The seal on the K-cups comes off sometimes.

3. Café Bustelo Espresso Style Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Dark Roast

In the mood for the best tasting K cups with an authentic full-bodied dark roast? If yes, then don’t look beyond Café Bustelo. The coffee beans that craft this espresso style dark roast are genuinely pure. So you can enjoy a robust taste in every sip.

Even when paired with sugar and milk, the intense flavor of the dark roast comes through. You get captivated by the amazing aroma itself from the very beginning.

These K-cups definitely fulfill your espresso-quality coffee craving. All you need is a Keurig single-serve K-Cup brewer.


  • Full-bodied flavor to please every dark roast palate.
  • The bold, rich character stands out even with milk and sugar.


  • Not strong enough.

4. The Original Donut Shop Dark Keurig Single-Serve K-Cups

The Original Donut Shop Dark Roast Coffee

Here’s one of the best coffee K cups on Amazon. This extra bold, devilishly delicious brew consists of caffeinated, dark roast coffee. Let me bring to your attention that the extra bold ground coffee packed in these pods is more in comparison to regular K-cups.

With The Original Donut Shop, you can expect high-quality coffee each time with your Keurig brewer. Optimal grind and extraction are a part of the deal. And so are 100-percent Arabica coffee beans. There are no artificial ingredients, plus the coffee is Kosher-certified.

More importantly, you get to enjoy the smooth flavor without the overbearing bitterness that often ruins the dark roast taste.


  • It’s an extra bold dark roast blend.
  • High-quality pods contain more coffee.


  • Expect coffee grounds in your cup.

5. Tim Horton’s Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee Cups

Tim Horton's Dark Roast

What’s next is a special dark roast blend that is compatible with every single-serve Keurig machine. The capsules are made of recyclable plastic, which should make you feel a little less guilty for using K-cups.

The coffee masters here have successfully managed to create a richer, darker flavor of dark roast. It’s simply perfect for caffeine lovers who enjoy a smooth finish and more body.

Even greater news is that each pod contains more coffee in comparison to regular K-cups. That means these are the best high caffeine coffee K cups.

There’s a delectable balance of flavors; boldness, smoothness, richness, earthiness, and minimal acidity. Even the aroma is utterly tantalizing.


  • A very smooth darker roast with no bitterness.
  • Pods made of recyclable plastic.


  • Too much sludge.

6. Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Coffee

Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast

Folgers is a brand responsible for providing caffeine addicts with the best K cup coffee 2019 and now even 2020. Their dark roast blend is truly exceptional in the sense that it’s crafted by roast masters. The flavor, unquestionably, is smooth and bold with a distinctively dark character.

Every sip and every K-cup are packed with an aroma that can delight those senses instantly. The smooth taste of the coffee is the one thing that’s hard to beat here. On top of that, there’s no acidic taste the majority of coffees, especially dark roasts tend to have.

Even though dark, it’s not overly bitter either. And no funky aftertaste means a lot when it comes to these types of darker roasts, doesn’t it?


  • Dark roast is a blend of smooth, bold flavors.
  • Delicious aroma, low acidity, and no bitterness.


  • It’s not full-bodied like the others.

7. Starbucks Italian Dark Roast Single Cup Coffee

Starbucks Italian Roast Dark Roast

How can the list of the best dark roast K-cups be complete without Starbucks! So here’s the coffee giant’s Italian dark roast. It’s intense, no doubt, with a deep and rich flavor. The hints of caramelized sugar are the best part if you ask me.

The fuller body is yet another very appealing quality in this case. Pair a full-bodied dark roast blend with a bold and robust taste, and what have you? The quintessential Italian roast expertly crafted for genuine coffee lovers.

But just because it’s so strong-bodied doesn’t mean the coffee tastes bitter. At the same time, the depth is so intense that this dark roast stands its ground even with the inclusion of sugar and cream.


  • A bold, full-bodied, intense dark roast.
  • Smooth flavor with no bitterness.


  • None so far.

8. Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast K-Cups

Dunkin Donuts K-cups Dark Roast

It says a lot about the coffee brand when it uses only 100-percent pure Arabica beans. That means you can raise your expectations in terms of taste, quality, aroma, etc. And this is exactly what you should expect from Dunkin Donuts and their dark roast K-cups.

The genuine Arabica coffee beans are roasted darker to unleash the richer and bolder taste. The signature smoothness of this coffee might just turn out to be your favorite. The fact that 30-percent of the coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified also matters a lot.


  • The flavors are bold, rich, and smooth.
  • It’s as dark as a dark roast should be.


  • K-cups lack consistency.

9. Seattle’s Best Coffee 6th Avenue Bistro Dark Roast Coffee

Seattle's Best Coffee 6th Avenue Bistro Dark Roast

Just one sip of this dark roast by Seattle’s Best Coffee and you know how special it is. The manufacturer uses 100-percent Arabica coffee beans. And their master blenders succeed at creating unique blends but with an easy and approachable taste.

As for the current dark roast, the perfectly balanced flavor is roasty and bold. In my opinion and the brand’s, the coffee is the best for caffeine fanatics that enjoy something that’s both strong and smooth first thing in the morning.

Roasting expertise like this is hard to come by. And so is the exceptionally smooth and flavorful punch of the dark roast.


  • Even when black, it’s smooth enough to drink.
  • The uplifting, roasty flavor isn’t harsh or bitter.


  • The quality of the pods is slightly disappointing.

10. Victor Allen Italian Dark Roast K-Cups

Victor Allen’s Coffee Dark Roast

Once again, 100-percent Arabica coffee beans go into creating this Kosher-certified, gluten-free, non-GMO Italian dark roast. Each and every K-cup contains full-flavored, utterly delicious coffee that you can prepare in just minutes.

Victor Allen has been in business and among the top contenders for more than 35 years now. The coffee is richer, smoother, and brighter. This Italian roast is great-tasting, that’s for sure. And it’s flavorful and strong without the bitterness. Plus, pretty affordable too.


  • It’s a full-flavored, gluten-free, Kosher-certified dark roast.
  • No bitter aftertaste, even when black.


  • Not as strong as a dark roast should be.

11. EKOCUPS Artisan Organic Dark Roast K-Cups

EKOCUPS Artisan Organic Dark Coffee

Now here’s the best organic dark roast coffee. It’s USDA Certified and Fair Trade Certified. The coffee pods contain dark roast coffee that has a robust and strong body with a sweet finish.

Let me be more specific, it’s French roast that offers an incredibly delicious strong and full-bodied flavor. And the finish or aftertaste is smooth and pleasant instead of being bitter.

But what matters more, in this case, is the completely recyclable, eco-friendly coffee pod. On top of that, every K-cup is packed with more coffee. Regular K-cups give you 10 grams while this organic version offers 13 grams in each capsule.


  • It’s the best organic dark roast coffee.
  • Recyclable pods contain 30-percent more coffee.


  • Beware of inconsistency.

12. Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

Solimo Dark Roast Coffee

The last on the list is this amazing and sought-after Amazon brand called Solimo. And their dark roast coffee pods are a very special blend. The blend consists of coffee that comes from Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America.

The flavor is full-bodied and packed with a hearty punch. The acidity is mild, which is great for those with a sensitive tummy. And the finish is as smooth as you would like it to be. After all, 100-percent Arabica coffee beans are used.

The boldness of the flavor gives big brands like Starbucks a run for their money. In fact, Starbucks’ French roast and this dark roast by Solimo share a lot in common in terms of flavor.


  • Bold and flavorful dark roast coffee.
  • Velvety texture with a smooth, caramel finish.


  • It’s a little bitter-tasting.

Dark Roast K-Cups Buying Guide

The Best Dark Roast Coffee Characteristics

Have a look at any dark roast coffee beans and you won’t take time to notice their almost black, dark brown color. The beans have a very oily texture, so much so that they glisten.

As for the tasting characteristics of dark roasts, the natural flavors here are nearly totally eclipsed because of the process of roasting. The dark roast dominates the taste and masks the original flavor of the beans that reflects the soil and climate of the growing region and the origin of the coffee plant.

What Type of Coffee Beans Makes the Best Dark Roast?

It goes without saying that you can dark roast any type of coffee bean. But, at the same time, there’s no denying that some coffee beans are better suited for the special, intense process of dark roasting.

It’s because beans are roasted for longer for a dark roast in comparison to medium roast. And this longer process creates caramelization. But for the coffee bean outer hull to get caramelized, it’s supposed to have a larger sugar profile.

That said, the following varieties of coffee beans are more suitable for the long process of roasting…

  • Colombian Supremo
  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • Guatemala Antigua
  • Sumatra Mandheling
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

It’s completely normal to go for single-origin coffee. But when it comes to dark roast, it’s better to choose a blend of different types of coffee beans. The outcome of this is a unique flavor profile and diversity. The latter is good news for coffee lovers who like to have options.

Common Names of the Different Varieties of Dark Roast Coffee

It’s only natural to assume that each variety is different from another. So here are the most popular dark roast varieties every caffeine addict should know.

  • French Roast
  • Italian Roast
  • Espresso Roast
  • Double Roast
  • Turkish Roast
  • Vienna Roast
  • Heavy Roast
  • New Orleans Roast
  • High Roast
  • Neapolitan Roast
  • Spanish Roast

What Is Stronger – Dark Roast vs. Medium Roast vs. Light Roast

Coffee beans are originally green with no flavor. It’s the roasting process that adds flavor to the beans. Longer roasting makes the coffee beans darker. But does that mean it makes the beans stronger too?

When you roast the beans for longer, the roasting process takes away the original raw flavor of the coffee beans even more. And this also means more destruction of the caffeine content.

That implies darker roasts like espresso offer a higher jolt of energy but with lower caffeine than medium and light roasts.

The Effect of Dark Roasting on Coffee Acidity

The smoky-sweet taste of darker roasts is no proof of their acidity level. The process of roasting affects the acidity in the coffee. The longer the roasting, the lesser the acidity. So even if your favorite dark roast tastes slightly burnt, it still has a very low acidic nature.

Choosing the Best Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups

Aside from the factors I’ve already discussed, here are some crucial aspects you might want to take into consideration when buying dark roast K-cups.

European Blends

More often than not, dark roasts are associated with European blends. Such as Italian, New Orleans, Spanish, Espresso, and French roasts. The heating during the roasting process reaches such a point where the coffee beans lose mostly all of their natural taste and flavor.

So if you want to enjoy dark roasts in the comforts of your home, then make sure the blend is a European one.

Caffeine Content

Most people think that dark roasts have a higher caffeine level. That’s actually not true because longer roasting takes away more caffeine from the coffee beans. So for a higher caffeine kick, you should be buying a medium or light roast.


For a great dark roast flavor profile, you can select any one of the 12 K-cup brands I’ve reviewed in this post. Each one of them offers a full-bodied dark roast character without the unpleasant bitter aftertaste.

The flavors are more robust and deeper, no doubt. And the fact that the coffee comes packed in K-cups means nothing but convenience. So as long as you have a single-serve coffee maker, you don’t have to leave home to devour a cup of delicious, rich dark roasted coffee.