10 Best Green Tea K-Cups For the Healthiest Diet [2021 Reviews]

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All Keurig Brewers
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Green Tea
Green Tea
Urnex Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Cleaner Cleancaf Powder - 3 Packets -...
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Keurig 1.0
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Green Tea
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Bigelow Green Tea Keurig K-Cup Pods, Box of 12 Cups (Pack of 6) Caffeinated...
Our Score
Device Compatibility
All Keurig Brewers
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Green Tea
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Twinings Green Tea Decaf Keurig K-Cups, 48 Count
Our Score
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All Keurig Brewers
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Green Tea
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The health benefits of green tea combined with the smooth taste of the beverage are quite stimulating as well as calming.

Green tea energizes your body and boosts your brain function. It also lowers blood pressure, promotes weight loss, and more.

So you have many reasons to make it a part of your daily routine. And if you really want to do that, then here are the best green tea K cups for your Keurig brewing system.

An enticing aroma, clean taste, and smooth flavor. They’re all a part of each K cup I have shortlisted and reviewed below.

As long as Keurig machine works, so will your morning cup of freshness.

Rejuvenating your health doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. 

Especially when Keurig brewers are becoming more and more popular! 

And with these 10 premium quality yet affordable K cups, you’ll never think of wasting money on green tea ever again.

Plus, they satisfy the taste buds like no other.

#1 Twinings Of London Organic Pure Green Tea K-Cups

Twinings Of London Organic Pure Green Tea K-Cups

Imagine sipping a drink that feels like a warm, cozy blanket. This Pure Green Tea is very comforting in that regard. 

The taste is incredibly smooth with all the spices hitting the right notes. Without leaving an overpowering taste in the mouth!

It is Twinings of London, after all. Meaning the company knows how to produce fine quality tea leaves. That yield a natural, fresh taste.

As for this trademark flavor, the leaves come from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. The plant tastes very much like black tea. 

But this green tea is processed to hold back oxidation. As for black tea, it’s oxidized to add flavor and color. 

The result of the former of course is delicious green tea. That brews into a subtle golden color with a profound flavor.

Another reason why this is the top pick is that it’s Fair Trade Certified. Meaning working conditions and wages of the people employed for the manufacturing are safe and fair. 

Even the environment is taken into complete consideration. Plus, the K cups are good to go with both the 2.0 and 1.0 Keurig brewers.

My only problem is that the tea is not strong enough. The intensity is a bit on the moderate side.

#2 Bigelow Green Tea Keurig K-Cups

Green Tea

When it comes to premium tea, the brand Bigelow is a force to be reckoned with. 

And their Green Tea K-Cups are nothing short of soothing and rich with antioxidants. Brewing them on your Keurig 2.0 is not a pipe dream. 

They work with 2.0 and 1.0 as a matter of fact.

Moving on, I found the tea to be delicate plus smooth. And not in the least bit overwhelming! Even though it offers that much-needed caffeine boost!

Manufacturers like Bigelow ensure consistent quality in each pod. And every cup meets the demands of a picky green tea lover. Much like me to be honest!

Needless to say, the current option doesn’t just please your taste buds. It also pleases your budget. You’re very likely to get hooked on to this strong and smooth flavor.

Although the overly steeped part of the tea is a bit disappointing. Even if the settings on the Keurig are generously dilutive!

#3 Twinings Green Tea Decaf Keurig K-Cups

Twinings Green Tea Decaf Keurig K-Cups

You might be looking for green tea that tastes refreshing but doesn’t upset your tummy. 

Or you’re simply searching for the best decaffeinated green tea. Whatever the case, the Twinings Green Tea Decaf K-Cups are here for you.

Each pod consists of smooth green tea packed with the richest flavor. This is the second creation of the same brand thus far. 

Once again, the tea is taken from this plant known as Camellia Sinensis. The final result tastes like actual tea and not just colored water. 

And this flavor remains consistent throughout the 48 K-cups. That are compatible with all Keurig brewing systems.

Finding a rich decaf option like this is quite a challenge. So you can breathe a sigh of relief now. Since you don’t have to do go through the trouble anymore!

As for the negative takeaway, I would only like to state that there’s a slightly funky taste. But it hardly ever stands out, to be honest.

#4 Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint K-Cup

Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint K-Cup

Classic flavors like this Chamomile Mint Green Tea are a part of every green tea K cup article. But don’t be under the false pretense that this is average-tasting black tea. 

The brand treats their K cups in a special manner. In here, you’ll find refreshing mint and chamomile blended with green tea.

The essence is neither too complex nor too simple. It’s equipped with natural flavors and herbs. And the aroma is very soothing and calming.

As for those who care about calories, here’s some great news. There are zero calories in every serving of 8 ounces.

So if you enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea, you’ll thoroughly appreciate this bold, natural flavor. That, by the way, is packed with zero artificial sweeteners. 

So don’t think twice before popping these pods in your Keurig machine. No matter the model!

But if you want to worry about something, then let it be the unpleasant aftertaste.

#5 Cha4tea Green Tea K-Cups

Green Tea Pods

Just a simple question, are you a snob when it comes to green tea? Don’t feel too bad for being one because I’m one too. And if you’re anything like me, then you’ll certainly cherish this keeper.

You can use the same pod twice. Did you know that? And that too without any loss in the flavor! The first of its kind on this list, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the green tea blend has a rich content of antioxidants. Even the taste is abundantly refreshing and soothing.

If you’re worried about Keurig 2.0 compatibility, leave those concerns behind. The K cups are very simple and convenient to brew. And the tea is quite flavorful for the taste buds.

But still, the unique quality is the ability to use the same cup twice. The second one tastes just like the first, without the shadow of a doubt.

It’s just that the drink isn’t potent enough. To be fair, this is a common problem with the majority of green tea K cups.

#6 Celestial Seasonings Green Tea K-Cups

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea K-Cups

Do you think all green tea K cups and tea bags are made from natural, pure green tea? 

Sorry to break it to you, but the answer is NO. There are some manufacturers that don’t use 100% natural green tea. 

But lucky for you, Celestial Seasonings isn’t one of them. Much like all of the brands I’ve shortlisted for this article.

They too employ the plant called Camellia Sinensis. This is the secret to the elevated spirit, smooth taste, and tantalizing aroma of their green tea K-cups.

The company knows how green tea provides the body with antioxidants. For neutralizing free radicals. 

So you can look forward to just natural flavors and ingredients in here. And no artificial flavoring or preservatives. Not even gluten as a matter of fact.

As for the pod compatibility with the more recent 2.0 brewing system of Keurig. It’s good to go with that model. And the 1.0 version!

So are you ready to introduce your taste buds to this Fair Trade Certified beverage? 

Just don’t expect Class A consistency as far as the strong flavor is concerned.

#7 Tazo Unsweetened Iced Mango Green Tea K-Cup

Tazo Unsweetened Iced Mango Green Tea K-Cup

It now comes to me naturally to immediately look at the unique selling points of every product. 

In the case of these K cups, there are two characteristics that definitely stand out. The first is the unsweetened part. 

And the second is the bright and cold mango flavor. On tasting this green tea, you’ll even savor the citrus notes that are infused in here. To create that crisp blend!

The pods work flawlessly with any Keurig single-serve brewers. And that equals convenience, doesn’t it?

But what’s so exceptional about this tea is the combination of different ingredients? 

There’s mild green tea, which also adds a touch of sweetness. The mango flavor is included to make the drink creamier and smoother. 

There’s lemon verbena as well. This has a more lemony taste than lemon. And lastly, cool and crisp spearmint.

Every sip feels absolutely joyful in the mouth. And to be honest, there’s nothing to not like about this sweet and minty iced tea.

#8 Stash Tea Chai Green Single-Cup Tea

Stash Tea Chai Green Single-Cup Tea

If your taste buds are more likely to appreciate traditional flavors, this one’s for you. 

Green tea here is blended with cardamom, cinnamon, whole cloves, sarsaparilla, and ginger root. 

With your Keurig 2.0 or 1.0, you can get this traditional beverage ready in no time!

But you’ve got to know that the green tea is very calming and stimulating. The manufacturer doesn’t fail to instill quality and value into their creations. 

And they have been doing so since 1972. Their K cups are certainly very fresh. Because Stash Tea knows that’s just how green is supposed to taste.

Just one sip and you feel the burst of spices, flavors, and refreshing essence. But not in an overwhelming or overpowering fashion. 

Add milk and/or sugar, the door to that gate is also wide open.

But there is a problem that sort of ruins the experience. There are some K cups that have been watered down. So the flavor doesn’t come out as strong as it should.

#9 Teas’ Tea Green Tea Matcha Single Serve Cups

Teas’ Tea Green Tea Matcha Single Serve Cups

The chances are you’ve already heard or read about how healthy matcha is. 

It gives you that alert calmness. But only if that’s what you’re striving to achieve. And it’s full of antioxidants plus catechins. 

Both are useful for fighting diseases in the body. So bringing such a nutrition-packed K cup home might be one of the best decisions of your life.

Matcha is prepared by steaming tea leaves very gently. Then these leaves are rolled and dried to halt oxidation. 

It’s an ancient process that keeps the original freshness and aroma intact. And it also makes green tea brighter and more vibrant. This adds to the already prevalent high quality of green tea.

To tell you for a fact, matcha has a more intense taste and stronger flavor. Than normal steeped green tea. 

And the fusion of the two here offers an unparalleled smooth taste. That you’re destined to get addicted to. No matter what model of Keurig you own!

But I won’t deny the fact that this green tea tastes better with sugar.

#10 Organic Matcha Green Tea K Cups

Organic Matcha Green Tea K Cups

Let me start by declaring that these K cups fit both 2.0 and 1.0 brewing systems of Keurig. 

The second declaration is the use of top quality, high-grade matcha right from Japan! The pods you’ll be using are recyclable by the way.

Now, moving on to the actual product, the green tea along with matcha consists of more antioxidants. 10 times more than what’s present in just green tea!

The tea leaves are grown in the shade. This is what gives them a more intense green color. 

Other benefits of shade-grown leaves are a mild sweet taste and distinct texture. The latter is seen in the form of a smooth, very fine powder.

For boosting your energy levels, don’t hesitate to add some cream or milk to the beverage. 

And let me not forget to mention that the product is vegan and gluten-free. So you have many reasons to take this one into some serious consideration.

Just a warning you might want to know. The product’s nutrition facts printed on the pack are misleading. It says zero calories and zero sugar. And that is not true.

The Definitive Guide to Buying Green Tea K Cups

Green Tea K Cups

There’s no debating that drinking green tea is very healthy. 

But it’s easier said than done, right? 

I mean consuming green tea as a normal beverage daily seems like an impossible task. But it only seems impossible. 

At such times, just keep one thing in mind. Anything you do on a daily basis for 3 weeks becomes a habit. So try to achieve that goal and have faith in the process.

Green tea is great for the immune system. It naturally gets rid of several complications in the body. 

So now that you know the top 10 choices. Let’s get a better understanding of what the product really is.

Q: Are Green Tea K Cups Healthy?

Now there are 2 kinds of people. The first type is those who prioritize taste more than anything else. 

And then there are those for whom health is the most important factor. If you’re a part of the second lot, you definitely want to know if green tea K cups are a healthy option or not.

You might already know the unique health benefits of green tea. They are certainly worth discussing. 

The convenience factor, on the other hand, stays the same. Much like any other flavor! So what’s the real deal here?

Green tea is consumed in many different ways. One of them is the K cup. And it’s quite a popular one because of its speed, convenience, and efficiency.

Green tea K cups are a healthy choice. And not just that, they taste good too. The tea leaves are quickly dried. 

This is what helps in preserving the natural antioxidants. As for the taste, it’s authentic without being overpowering. 

And the factor to hold accountable for this authenticity is the mild, smooth flavor.

Q: How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea K Cup?

Green Tea Tasting

Caffeine is naturally present in the fruits, beans, and leaves of many plants. This includes tea plants. 

It stimulates the nervous system to fight fatigue and boost alertness. Drinking caffeine obviously offers several health benefits. 

But the intake should be kept in check. Too much caffeine leads to insomnia, restlessness, or irregular heartbeat.

So how much caffeine should you expect from a single cup of green tea? In an 8-ounce serving, there are 35 milligrams of caffeine. 

Now it goes without saying that this amount can vary. But the point here is that it doesn’t exceed 50 milligrams in each cup.

The thing is that caffeine occurs naturally in green tea. So the amount depends on the tea plant variety. Along with the plant’s growing conditions, processing method, and brewing process.

Let me explain this with the help of an example. Older leaves contain less caffeine. In comparison to the younger version of tea leaves.

Another factor that plays a role here is the form of green tea. And the way you decide to prepare it. 

For instance, the bagged type has higher caffeine content than loose tea leaves. That’s because the former is crushed up. This means more caffeine extraction and infusion.

What about K cup green tea, i.e. powdered green tea? K cups have an even higher level of caffeine. 

Than loose and bagged green tea. Even so, 8 ounces are packed with 35-50 milligrams of caffeine.

How to Brew Tea with a Keurig?

Brewing With Keurig

Keurig has, no doubt, transformed the way you and I drink coffee. 

But that’s not it. The way you and I consume tea has also been subjected to this transformation. 

And did you know you can use tea bags in your Keurig machine as well?

When brewing tea in a Keurig, you can follow the instructions discussed below.

Just an important note before I begin. You can use the reusable K cups. Just make sure that the pod you buy fits your Keurig model. Let’s get started then!

  • The first step is to ensure that the water reservoir of your Keurig coffee maker has enough water.
  • Take your green tea bag and get rid of the paper and staple pin at the end of the thread.
  • Now it’s time to bring in that reusable K cup. Before you place the tea bag inside the pod, spread out the tea bag properly. Then gently push it into the K cup. Lay it flat. And make sure it’s centered so that water hits most parts of the tea bag. Close the pod.
  • Open your Keurig brewer to place the K cup inside it before closing the lid back again.Since you’re using a K cup pod, the machine straight away takes you to the “coffee” mode. And not the “hot water” mode.
  • The next step is to select the water level depending on the size of your mug. At this point, you can even choose the strong setting. If that’s how you like your beverage!
  • Then push the magic button. Based on the size you selected, for example 12 ounces. The machine stops dispensing once 12 ounces of fresh tea have been poured into the mug.
  • Now all that’s left to do is bring in the sugar or any other add-ons if you like.

The procedure is much the same for iced tea. But with the following differences:

  • Instead of a mug, you take a tall glass with ice cubes. And when placing it under the dispenser, just remove the drip tray of your Keurig. Otherwise the glass won’t fit.
  • Don’t select 12 ounces. Since there’s a lot of ice in your glass, it’s better to opt for 6 ounces to prevent overflow.
  • You can add your favorite sweetener to the refreshing iced beverage in the end.


Trying to reduce your caffeine consumption? Or trying to adopt a healthier approach to life? Or maybe you simply want to enjoy a refreshing midday beverage? 

Whatever the reason, these 10 green tea K cups are definitely worth your attention. They might just be the solution to your daily ails.

Not one product reviewed in the article falls short of quality, quantity, and value. They all are taken from a premature harvest. 

It’s the only way the manufacturers can keep the natural nutrient balance intact.

Storing loose green tea in a clumsy container on a dirty cabinet. Or getting green tea that’s packed inside sealed, easy-to-brew K cups. 

That are compatible with any Keurig single-serve machine. What seems like a better option? The latter of course!

So there’s no need to think twice before going green. Convenience is a huge part of the experience here. 

And in the case of green tea K cups, so is good health and high quality.

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