DIY Coffee Tables

14 DIY Coffee Tables Tips and Tricks

If you require a new coffee-table, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg to buy one.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to build one on your own. If you have the time, and the basic skills to use common tools, you can build a fashionable and sturdy table from scratch.

Alternatively, you can re-purpose your coffee-table by using existing pieces. These projects require a minimal amount of tools and materials that are all readily available at your local second hand or hardware stores.

So to learn how to make a DIY coffee table, keep reading.

What do you need for a DIY Coffee table?

cofee table and chairs made of palettes

When it comes to building a coffee table, you will need a few hand tools and the wood of your choice.

For most people, this is lumber. All that is needed, in most cases is a fine handsaw, a screwdriver, a hand drill, and bits, a jack plane and smooth plane, sandpaper, and a sanding block as well as a dowel jig and some glue and clamps.

Step by step guide for DIY Pallet coffee table

Tools And Materials:

tools on wall

  • a circular saw
  • a hand saw
  • clamps
  • a hammer
  • a pencil
  • nails, and wood screws (I used single thread 12 x 4″ wood screws)
  • a wood stain and topcoat
  • a wood glue
  • some rags/cloths for wiping
  • paintbrushes
  • a measuring tape
  • a random orbital sander and different grit sandpaper (40, 60, 80, 120, 150)

Step 1

The first step involves choosing your pallet. So you can either choose a light, medium, or heavyweight pallet.

The idea, however, is to use what you have to get the project done. Also, choose the pallets depending on the size that you want your coffee table to be.

Step 2

In case the pallet is more or less the same size that you want the coffee table to be, you can stack it up to make the table.

Some people opt for this because they don’t want to move anything since the nails that are used initially are quite difficult to remove. This way, you don’t have to.

The only thing you probably would have some trouble with is removing the wooden blocks.

Step 3

In this step, you’ll need to sand the wood, and this will remove as much material as possible.

Use 40 grit sandpaper with an orbital sander. Then you can move on to grit 60 and 80.

Step 4

Once you have done the sanding, then the pallets simply need to be stained.

If you don’t have a regular stainer that you apply with a cloth, then wipe off the excess, then you can use a regular varnish or stain. So after wiping, there will be barely anything left on the wood.

Be sure to read the instructions when using the varnish or staining material, or else you could end up with a poorly stained piece of work.

And you may possibly have to apply to the stain with a paintbrush afterward. It’s recommended that you opt for this a waterproof varnish or stain and one that has a lovely gloss finish to it.

Apply 3 to 4 coats in between sanding with 120 grit.

Just ensure that the sander is not too powerful as you could end up removing the stain. Before applying the last coat, use grit 150 to smooth the top surface.

Ultimately, it all depends on the look that you’re going. If you’re not looking for a perfect effect, and you would love a coffee table with character, then opt for low-speed sanding and minimal varnishing or staining.

Other DIY coffee table ideas

1. Pallet coffee table

wodden pallet coffee tables

When it comes to pallet coffee tables, the options are practically limitless.

Even if you want some extra storage, you can stack several pallets, and not only will they provide a strong and sturdy base, but they create natural cubbyholes inside the table for books, wine bottles, and just about anything else that you can fit in there.

2. Angled wood table

Angled wood tables make beautiful homemade coffee tables that are traditional and stylish at the same time.

They also fit perfectly into any type of continue living. With the right woodworking skills, you, too, can also learn how to make your angled wood table in just for hours.

3. Bottle cap table

If you ever thought that there was not much use for bottle caps and you usually throw them away, now you can stop doing so and start collecting them.

This is probably one of the most exciting and fun projects that you will ever encounter in your life. Collecting bottle caps is the first step, however. Once you have a collection of bottle caps and depending on how big you want the coffee table to be, you can get straight to work.

If you don’t like bottle caps, then you can create a similar effect using wind corks and just about anything else that your imagination will allow.

4. Whiskey barrel table

diy barrel table

Whiskey barrels are not just great for whiskey; they can also be turned into coffee tables.

It’s ideal for cabins or rooms with rustic accents. Or if you have a somewhat contemporary or modern living room and want to add some rustic elements, then the whiskey barrel table will work too. To get a whiskey barrel, contact local distilleries or wine breweries and find out if you can purchase empty barrels.

If that’s not an option, you can always purchase one on eBay. The bonus is that whiskey barrel tables make excellent storage space.

5. Window coffee table

If you’re looking for unusual and unique ideas for creating a coffee table, what’s more unique than a window coffee table. Yes, you can, in fact, use a reclaimed window and turn it into an attractive coffee table.

However, the bonus is that the window coffee table doubles as a display case that you can refresh as the seasons change. It’s as simple as attaching handles and hinges to the window and finding a wooden box to match. So why not go ahead and give this unique table idea a try today.

6. Birch log coffee table

birch log table

If you’re looking for a homemade coffee table with a bit of an outdoor look, then this Birch log coffee table is perfect.

However, you will need good looking birch logs for this project. The result will be a striking table and conversation piece inside your own living room. Additionally, you can add wheels to the table, and that’s going to be a good idea because this wooden coffee table design will be hard to move without them.

7. Industrial style table

If you have a modern living room and overall modern concept inside your home, then this coffee table with the industrial appeal is going to go just fine with your existing interior decor.

The parts are also easy to find and fairly inexpensive, so this is an affordable and simple coffee table that can be assembled in an afternoon. So if you love that contemporary look and feel inside the home, go ahead and give this a try.

8. Ottoman coffee table hybrid

If you live in a small apartment or have a living room that has tight or limited space, then you should be looking for space-saving options. A coffee table that also functions as an ottoman for resting your feet is a great idea to make the best or the most out of your limited space.

It will also serve as a space for serving food and drinks. You can basically design the coffee table any way you like and according to your unique requirements.

9. Nested coffee table

nested table in living room

If you love the concept of coffee tables that you can pull out and use for additional surface space or different heights as needed, then you’re going to love these nested coffee tables.

It’s simple,multi-functional, and it adds minimalistic style to your living space. Nested coffee tables will go with a modern or contemporary home or living room that has modern decor. It’s also great for small spaces where additional space may be required, especially when having people.

10. Wine crate table

When it comes to various DIY projects, a wine crate coffee table is ideal for the project. They are also a great starting point for a homemade coffee table.

Each box faces outwards and, therefore, can be used for additional storage space such as shelves, while the polished and stunning stained look makes serving drinks, food, and everything else with style look easy.

11. Hefty reclaimed lumber table

If you have access to reclaimed lumber, then you may as well put it to good use. Use some to make a homemade wooden coffee table.

And if you like the tough, industrial type of look, then this project is going to do wonders for your coffee table and your decor. Complete the coffee table with wheels, which will make the heavy wood much easier to move around if needed.

12. Infinity table

coffee table with lights and mirrors

If you love bright lights and all things shiny, then you are going to love this idea. An infinity coffee table is not something you see every day or all the time.

In fact, it is hard to find a table that looks like this in the average home. Fee free to use a mixture of lights and mirrors to create that futuristic infinity look and wow your guests each and every time they come over.

13. Polished concrete table

To create a luxury and modern coffee table, using polished concrete and have it stamped and sealed to create this unique looking coffee table.

Not only do they bring an industrial style to your living room or look great outside on your patio, but will bring an instant lift to your interior decor as well. Alternatively, if you already have the industrial decor in your living room, then this coffee table would complement the existing theme perfectly.

14. Door slab table

Homemade coffee tables can start with many different reclaimed items. In fact, that is one of the points to starting a DIY project, and the goal here is to use whatever you have to make practical and great looking coffee tables.

The tricky part is to get whatever materials you can get your hands on and make absolutely dazzling coffee tables. Doors, believe it or not, make great coffee tables. The door may be mounted to a frame, and if this is the case, simply, remove it and remove the hinges.

Cut it to size and then give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new. And there you have it a great coffee table made from a reclaimed door.


DIY coffee tables are not just fun to make; however, it relatively simple to do as well.

With just a few simple tools and a whole lot of creativity, you can achieve anything your imagination will allow.

Building your own coffee table will also fill you with a sense of accomplishment every time you look at it inside your living room. It’s also a much more affordable option when compared to buying a ready-made coffee table from a furniture store.

With a DIY option, you’ll save money as you are using materials that you already have on hand, and therefore there is no need for costly investments into purchasing materials. Not only can you make a table from scratch, but some of the most well-constructed coffee tables, use reclaimed materials that contain a great deal and amount of character, which they also resonate throughout the living room.

So if you’ve wanted to build your own coffee table for a long time, why not use the tips and tricks that we mentioned above to go ahead and do it as soon as possible.